Dosarul 10 august va fi clasat!/Se va disjunge doar speța legată de violența unor jandarmi

Dosarul 10 august va fi clasat!/Se va disjunge doar speța legată de violența unor jandarmi. Pe 10 august 2018, masive demonstrații antiguvernamentale s-au transformat în violențe fără precedent. Zeci de răniți au apărut atât în tabăra manifestanților, cât și în cea a forțelor de ordine. DIICOT a anchetat posibilele infracțiuni comise și a decis să claseze cazul. ”Sunt multe clarificări în Ordonanța de clasare, în Piața Victoriei au existat provocări și momente care au rămas în percepția opiniei publice altfel decât s-au întâmplat în realitate, însă infracțiunile pe care DIICOT le-a căutat nu au existat și de aceea ei au închis dosarul”, au spus surse judiciare. pentru Libertatea. S-au clasat acuzele formulate de ambele părți. Atât cele lansate de guvernanți, legate de o posibilă lovitură de stat, cât și cele dinspre reprezentanți ai manifestanților, care au invocat că Guvernul a pregătit din timp represiunea. Singurele cercetări care vor

Reacţia Ministerului Afacerilor Externe şi Integrării Europene la declaraţiile Ambasadorul Federaţiei Ruse la Chişinău

Ministerul Afacerilor Externe şi Integrării Europene regretă declaraţiile Ambasadorul Federaţiei Ruse la Chişinău privind trupele ruse care staţionează ilegal pe teritoriul Republicii Moldova. Andrei Popov, ambasador cu misiuni speciale, Ministerul Afacerilor Externe şi Integrării Europene, a declarat în exclusivitate pentru TVR MOLDOVA că MAEIE pledează în continuare ca trupele ruse să fie retrase din stânga Nistrului. „Remarcăm, şi o facem cu regret, că în declaraţiile ambasadorului rus sunt confundate deliberat cele două elemente ale prezenţei militarilor ruţi pe teritoriul Republicii Moldova. Pe de o parte, stocul de muniţii şi grupul operativ al armatei ruse şi, pe de altă parte, contingentul de pacificatori. Evident că sunt două lucruri diferite şi, prin urmare, atunci când autorităţile Republicii Moldova pledează pentru retragerea completă şi necondiţionată a trupelor ruse, o fac în conformitate cu angajamentele internaţionale.

Paul Goble: ‘A United States of Russia’ Impossible, Yakovenko Says

Staunton, July 6 – Vladimir Putin’s drive to make Russia ever more authoritarian and centralized has prompted his opponents to think how a democratic and decentralized Russia might look. Some are even proposing the creation of “a United States of Russia,” but the further disintegration of the space Russia occupies is far more likely, Igor Yakovenko says. People ranging from Grigory Yavlinsky of Yabloko to director Vladimir Mirzoyev are calling for the transformation of Russia into a single, United States. The latter is especially instructive in this regard, the Russian commentator says; and he summarizes Mirzoyev’s thought in this way ( A United States of Russia, the director says, is a way for “the peaceful coexistence of ‘two peoples,’ the modern and the archaic. They must not pull each other, neither backwards no forwards. The country is enormous and empty and there is space for everyone. Let us

Drones launched by rebels attacked Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) – For the second time in the last 40 days, the jihadist rebels have attempted to attack the largest Russian airbase in Syria, learned citing AMN. According to a field report from the city of Jableh, the jihadist rebels fired several missile drones that took off from the Latakia-Idlib axis this evening. The report said the joint Russian-Syrian air defenses were able to intercept all of the jihadist missiles before they could the Khmeimim air base and coastal city of Jableh in the Latakia Governorate. A source from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) said the jihadist drones were also destroyed during the attack. The Russian and Syrian armed forces have yet to respond to this latest attack by the jihadist rebels; however, they typically launch retaliatory strikes the following day. The jihadist rebels have launched sporadic attacks throughout the year on the Hmeimim Airbase, much to

Paul Goble: Amendments Make United Russia Party as Permanent as Putin, Milin Says

Staunton, July 10 – Everyone recognizes that the package of amendments approved on July 1 make Vladimir Putin ruler for life; but what is less widely recognized, commentator Dmitry Milin says, is that these same amendments have made his United Russia Party a permanency as well, thus making it ever more like the CPSU in Soviet times. That creates a serious problem, he argues, because any party that remains in power for a long time without any experience of being in opposition or even seriously challenged will attract careerists and the corrupt and become ever less useful as a party whatever its utility as a management tool ( Or to use Viktor Chernomyrdin’s lapidary expression, which Milin does, “Whatever party you create in Russia, it will turn out like the CPSU,” and suffer from all the shortcomings of that institution. According to the

Russia explains mass destruction of Pantsir air defense systems by Turkish drones in Syria and Libya

The mass destruction of the Russian-made Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems in Syria and Libya can be explained by the existence of a so-called "dead crater" or "dead zone", writes the newspaper of the Russian Defense Minister Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star). The newspaper states, referring to the official tactical and technical characteristics of the air defense system, that Pantsir has limitations with regards to its ability to detect targets "at low, medium and high altitudes, especially those flying at minimum altitude and maximum speed, or at the highest altitude and maximum speed." Nevertheless, the publication notes that, considering the speed and effective scattering area of Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance drones, Pantsir can counter them. In June, the newspaper wrote that the export version of Pantsir air defense system has only an optical control system and is "therefore ill-equipped

Kyiv: Ukraine preparing for several scenarios of potential Russian attacks

Ukraine is currently considering several likely scenarios for a new Russian attack on different parts of the border, said the commander of the Joint Forces Operation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev on air of the TV channel “1+1”. He noted that scenarios of attack on any part of the border with Russia, from the annexed Crimea to the demarcation line in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, are being worked out. "We are looking at actions where such a threat will come from several directions at the same time," he said. According to him, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are always preparing for an adequate response to the enemy. "Our task is to contain the aggressor, and if it resorts to an open aggression - to repel the offensive and not to let the enemy set foot on Ukrainian soil. We do everything to ensure that our actions are effective and well-prepared," he added, noting that he now does not

Paul Goble: Russia’s Ruling Stratum, Raised on Communist Ideology, Not Especially Patriotic, Volkov Says

Staunton, May 5 – Because of the communist ideology they absorbed while growing up, the ruling circles of Russia today really do not understand what national interests are or have any particular interest in being patriotic, attitudes that put them at odds with elites in most other countries and the populations at large in most, Sergey Volkov says. Periodically, the Moscow historian says, Russian officials talk about the need to “’nationalize’” the elites, making it more difficult for them to move money around and thus more attached to the country; but such efforts founder because these fear are “far from being devoted to nation state interests.” It could hardly be otherwise, Volkov suggests, because while there are exceptions, the ruling stratum consists of people who were largely part of the Soviet nomenklatura. And those over 45, the majority, were raised in ways intended to make them opponents of the ideals of

NATO to increase its presence in the Black Sea

NATO member forces will increase air patrols and the presence of naval ships in the Black Sea, said the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as quoted by Interfax Ukraine. According to Kyiv, the relevant agreement was reached during the meeting of Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels. Taran also called on NATO member states to join the national strategic exercises planned in the fall in southern Ukraine. Stoltenberg and Taran noted that the situation in the Black Sea region continues to deteriorate as Russia increases its military presence there and changes the balance of power. On July 8, a group of three minesweepers and a flagship of the NATO navy entered the Black Sea. After Ukraine was grated a status of NATO’s enhanced capabilities partner, the Alliance can ask the official Kyiv to expand the presence of the Ukrainian military in its headquaters.

Paul Goble: Putin Wants to Make Baltic States Russian Protectorates, Yushkin Says

Staunton, July 9 – Vladimir Putin wants the three Baltic countries to become Russian protectorates; and now that he has won the right to stay in power for decades, he is no longer constrained and will take dangerous risks to achieve that, Vladimir Yushkin, head of Tallinn’s Baltic Centre for Russian Studies, says. From the Kremlin leader’s perspective, the British protectorate over Eastern Europe has become the American protectorate; but the presence of ethnic Russian compatriots and Russian citizens means that he “will insist that this protectorate be joint” and that Moscow has the right to engage in “humanitarian intervention” ( According to the Tallinn scholar, Putin’s strategy rests on the assumption that those around US President Donald Trump are not prepared to challenge Putin on this and that the US won’t, in the words of former

US-based unit to conduct drills in Poland

A US armoured battalion will conduct an emergency deployment exercise in Europe, with drills carried out in Drawsko Pomorskie, northwestern Poland, according to the Polish defence ministry. Image by Military_Material from Pixabay Pixabay License As part of the Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise, run by the US Defense Department, an armoured unit will be deployed to Poland to test the US army’s capacity for a quick military response. Over 500 American soldiers will participate in the exercise, along with Polish and German troops, serving as mission command and providing exercise control respectively. The drills at the Drawsko training ground will provide another opportunity to strengthen military cooperation between Poland and the United States, according to the defence ministry. The Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise is the second phase of DEFENDER-Europe 20, a U.S.-led multinational

«Бортников решит ваш вопрос». В Украине арестован кремлевский куратор ДНР

Во вторник в Украине был арестован человек, выполнявший роль одного из кремлевских кураторов на Донбассе. Нам удалось идентифицировать его как Андрея Кунавина, уголовника, освободившегося из украинской тюрьмы уже после начала российского вторжения. Необъяснимым образом Кунавин из мошенника средней руки превратился в человека, который, судя по телефонным перехватам, общался с руководством ГРУ и ФСБ, контактировал с Сурковым и помогал «решать вопросы» на местах. «Решала» из Кремля 7 июля 2020 года Служба безопасности Украины объявила об аресте так называемого «внештатного сотрудника» ГРУ, который, по данным СБУ, был одним из кураторов военного направления ДНР от ГРУ в 2014–2015 годах и принимал активное участие в создании военной разведки ДНР. Задержанного СБУ называет

Germany invited Europe to impose sanctions against Russia

Germany intends to impose sanctions against Russia, the government of Germany is currently considering such a possibility. As DPA reported, Germany turned to other European countries with this proposal, but a decision has not yet been made. It is reported that the German government has proposed other European countries to jointly impose sanctions against Russia. The reason is allegedly carried out by Russia in 2015, a cyber attack on the German Bundestag. The government of Germany believes that the "Russian military intelligence service of the GRU" was involved in the cyber attack. On May 5, the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Germany issued an arrest warrant for Russian citizen Dmitry Badin, who, as a member of the hacker group ART28, allegedly led a cyber attack on the German Bundestag in April-May 2015. - writes Deutsche Welle. It is noted that in the event that other European countries accept the

Конгресс США готовится признать Россию «государством-спонсором терроризма»

Палата представителей США рассмотрит законопроект о признании России спонсором терроризма. Если Россия будет включена в список таких стран, наряду с Ираном и КНДР, ей грозят жесткие санкции. Автор документа, демократ Макс Роуз, призвал Госдеп США решить, являются ли поддерживаемые Россией русские вооруженные банды на Донбассе «иностранными террористическими организациями». Как пояснил на своем сайте конгрессмен, он вынес этот вопрос на повестку дня после статьи The New York Times о том, что Москва предлагала деньги «боевикам в Афганистане», якобы «связанными с талибами» за убийство американских военных. Кремль эти обвинения отверг. Ранее, в июне, в конгрессе уже прозвучали предложения наложить на России самые жесткие санкции в рамках борьбы с внешними угрозами и объявить Москву спонсором

Stiu ei mai bine ce-i si cum cu toata povestea aceasta: «Вектор» завершил доклинические испытания вакцины от коронавируса

Они прошли успешно, сообщила глава Роспотребнадзора Анна Попова. Испытание вакцины на людях начнется 15 июля, как и было анонсировано ранее, отметила она Фото: Пресс-служба Первого МГМУ им.И.М.Сеченова / ТАСС Государственный научный центр вирусологии и биотехнологии «Вектор» успешно завершил доклинические исследования вакцины от коронавируса. Об этом в интервью Наиле Аскер-заде в программе «Вести» на канале «Россия 1» сообщила глава Роспотребнадзора Анна Попова. «Коллеги закончили доклинические исследования. Они прошли успешно», — сказала она. По словам Поповой, Роспотребнадзор имеет все основания быть уверенным в том, что удастся выполнить обещание и 15 июля начать клинические испытания этой вакцины. Как отметила глава ведомства, решение об обязательной вакцинации медиков

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