Paul Goble: Putin Increasingly Fusing Soviet and Russian to the Detriment of the Latter, Tsipko Says

Staunton, June 24 – Vladimir Putin’s treatment of the past including his Victory Day parade represents an attempt by the Kremlin leader to fuse the Russian present with the Soviet past and thus reverse not just the break with Soviet crimes but also the greatest consequence of World War II for Russians, Aleksandr Tsipko says. And that consequence was this, the senior commentator says. “The path to victory was opened only when the Russian peasant finding himself in the trenches separated in his consciousness the motherland from Stalin and the Soviet system and began to fight not for the preservation of the Soviet system but for the salvation of his fatherland and the dignity of Russians” ( By his actions and with today’s parade, Tsipko says, Putin is seeking to reverse this development given that he sees it as a threat to himself and his regime and to

Помпео: «Нам необходимо разговаривать с русскими»

Глава Госдепартамента указал на ситуации, в которых США противостоят Москве, и на необходимость диалога с ней Деньги на поддержку Талибана текут в Афганистан с того момента, как США два десятилетия назад направили в эту страну войска, сказал госсекретарь Майк Помпео, выступая перед журналистами в среду. Это напоминание прозвучало в ответ на вопрос, заданный в контексте развернувшейся в США дискуссии по поводу сообщений СМИ о предполагаемых выплатах России талибам за убийства американских военных а Афганистане. По словам Помпео, руководство США ежедневно получает информацию об угрозах и опасностях, которым подвергаются американские военные в различных точках земного шара.Он также отметил, что сообщения о предполагаемых вознаграждениях талибов Россией вызвали возмущение и у российской

What Putin’s New Constitution Means for Russia and the West

A series of constitutional amendments will cement Putin’s hold on power, change Russian life, and give the West fewer options for dealing with him. Russians will vote on a series of constitutional amendments on Wednesday that would allow Vladimir Putin, whose approval rating has lately been collapsing, to stay in power until 2036. The new laws would also give the president more authority to set Russia’s foreign policy agenda, extend his power into local affairs, help him block potential political challengers, and allow him to select candidates for ministerial posts — the latter, considered to be a swipe at Russia’s legislative assembly, the Duma. The referendum will be an up-or-down vote on 206 amendments rolled into a single package. New versions of the constitution with the amendments in place are already on sale in bookstores. “Many of the amendments are basically populist slogans,” Vladimir Kara-

Три ангела русского Апокалипсиса: волнения, смута и война. Валерий Соловей в эфире

Petru Bogatu: Russian? Davai, do svidania!

Ce paralele peste timp! Două comparaţii izbitoare se conturează astăzi între 28 iunie 1940 şi 28 iunie 2012. Coincidenţe uimitoare Prima. La 28 iunie 1940, Armata Roşie, ocupând Basarabia, a închis ermetic spaţiul ei aerian. 72 de ani mai târziu, la finele lui iunie 2012, Republica Moldova a intrat în spaţiul aerian comun al UE şi a ajuns să netezească, pe ultima sută de metri, drumul la capătul căruia cetăţenii ei vor putea călători fără vize în Europa. Secundo. La 26 iunie 2012, extensia mediatică a GRU-ului rus, numită Novîi Reghion, a difuzat nişte informaţii, potrivit cărora Europa s-ar solidariza cu Rusia în privinţa federalizării Republicii Moldova. Această provocare este demnă de minciuna sfruntată a lui Veaceslav Molotov care, exact acum 72

Paul Goble: Putin Restoring Brezhnev Constitution that Led to Perestroika, Shtepa Says

Staunton, June 29 – Vladimir Putin’s amendments and the process he has used to put them in place effectively “liquidates the entire legal system” that at least nominally had existed in the Russian Federation since 1991 and returns the country to many of the conditions defined by the Brezhnev basic law, Vadim Shtepa says. But in restoring what is very much a Brezhnev-style constitution, the Russian regionalist says, the Kremlin leader is unwittingly recreating some of the conditions which led to perestroika but in a country which can only aspire to be a super power but lacks the resources to be one in fact ( As many have pointed out, Putin’s amendments simultaneously contradict

Министр обороны провел селекторное совещание с руководством Вооруженных Сил

ЦАМТО, 30 июня. В Национальном центре управления обороной РФ под руководством главы военного ведомства генерала армии Сергея Шойгу 30 июня состоялось селекторное совещание с руководящим составом Вооруженных Сил, на котором были подведены итоги первого полугодия. Начиная работу, министр обороны подчеркнул, что ситуация, сложившаяся с распространением коронавирусной инфекции, в целом не оказала существенного влияния на Вооруженные Силы. План подготовки зимнего периода обучения выполнен практически в полном объеме. На летний период перенесена только незначительная часть мероприятий, связанных с выездом в другие регионы и за границу.

NATO-funded facility ready to receive and support Allied troops in Estonia

A new NATO infrastructure facility has just opened its doors at the Tapa Base in Estonia. The hub is able to receive and facilitate the onward movement of NATO forces, including the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), and will be used for exercises and prepositioning of equipment. The majority of the project, worth 20 million EUR, has been funded through the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP). The new infrastructure includes barracks for troop accommodation, storage space for equipment and vehicles, a medical centre and a helipad. The facility will serve as a ready-to-use field camp for short-notice exercises and deployments. It will help ensure the flexibility and rapid movement of NATO forces throughout the territory of

Russia was asked to play a more active role in the conflict in Libya

TRIPOLI, (BM) – Libyan tribes want Russia to play a more important role in resolving the crisis in the country, learned citing the vice-chairman of the supreme council of the sheikhs and elders of the tribes of Libya, as-Senusi al-Khalik statement. According to him, the position of the Russian Federation on resolving the conflict is strong and meets the national interests of the residents of Libya. He called the Russians strong allies with great experience. Al-Khalik also noted that most of the weapons in Libya are specifically Russian or Soviet-made. Earlier, the Supreme Council of Sheikhs and Elders of the Libyan Tribes wanted to open a bank account in Russia to distribute profits from the sale of oil to all

НОВАЯ ВОЙНА ПУТИНА? Юрий Шулипа спрогнозировал сроки эскалации на Донбассе

Kyiv: Russia may step up military actions against Ukraine in the near future

According to Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar, there is an increased military threat from Russia. "First, there is an increase in military buildup on the eastern border of Ukraine, and secondly, there is a significant increase in the number of Russian troops in Crimea," Interfax-Ukraine quotes Vasyl Bodnar as saying. He added that "it is necessary to be mentally prepared for the fact that Russia does not think twice when using its armed forces to achieve its political or economic goals." Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister noted that Kyiv passes this information to its international partners. He stressed that Moscow may resort to military actions because of Ukraine's refusal to supply water to the annexed Crimea, as well as to military actions in the east of the country. "The opinion about the possibility of a military offensive is shared by a significant number of military experts and analysts. NATO also

В России близ Петербурга, возможно, произошла ядерная катастрофа

Под Петербургом в районе Сестрорецка, возможно, произошла ядерная катастрофа. Очевидцы утверждают, что в направлении пригорода движется техника дезактивации территории. Ранее стало известно, что в данном регионе повысились уровни радиации. До сих пор неизвестно, что конкретно взорвалось в районе Сестрорецка. Как сообщают ряд источников, по предварительным данным могло произойти разрушение исследовательского ядерного реактора, однако все данные противоречивые и основная информация о катастрофе засекречена. «В сторону Сестрорецка пробка растянулась от Ольгино и до Тарховки. Люди стоят в пробке 2,5-3 часа», сообщают в соцсетях очевидцы, которые лично наблюдают военную технику, колонной движущуюся в сторону города», сообщают очевидцы. ВИДЕО. Эксперты на Западе пока пытаются локализовать

Путин неожиданно объявил военные сборы. Украина ждет нападения. Эксперты заговорили о войне

Путин объявил о всеобщих воинских сборах. Указ о призыве пребывающих в запасе граждан России предписывает, чтобы сборы прошли в российской армии, войсках нацгвардии, госохране и ФСБ. Обеспечение «всеобщей мобилизации» возложено на правительство и местные органы власти. Многие комментаторы обратили внимание на необычность приказа Путина. А в Украине сразу же заговорили о возможной эскалации военных действий со стороны России вплоть до масштабного наступления российских войск. Так по словам заместителя министра иностранных дел Украины Василия Боднара, военная угроза со стороны России значительно возросла. «Во-первых, наблюдается рост военных мощностей на восточной границе Украины, а во-вторых наблюдается значительное усиление военных группировок российских войск в Крыму», – цитируют

Paul Goble: Putin’s ‘Russian World’ Rooted in Asymmetric Federalism, Shtepa Says

Staunton, June 20 -- The asymmetric federalism the Soviets established and that Boris Yeltsin continued has mean that “Russian” was “de facto attached to “the imperial system,” and “this logically led in the Putin era to the appearance of the expansionist doctrine of ‘the Russian world,’” Vadim Shtepa says. Almost 30 years ago, the editor of the Tallinn-based Region.Expert portal says, Sergey Shakhray and Viktor Ilushin convinced Yeltsin that if predominantly ethnic Russian regions became republics, the entire country would fall apart; and as a result the first Russian president crushed all attempts in that direction ( But in doing so, they not only made it impossible for Russian oblasts and krays

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