Staunton, October 12 – While many analysts are suggesting the former Soviet republics are moving ever further away from Moscow (e.g.,, Aleksandr Sobyanin says that Russia will have a new union treaty signed by some of them as early as the next six months. In a commentary for the KPRF’s Pravda, the head of the Asian Military-Cultural Center of the Eurasian Integration Foundation, says that the Kremlin will take this step in order to position itself to defend along with China its power in what he sees as a coming third world war ( Much of what he says is Eurasianist and neo-Soviet bombast, but some of his argument appears to reflect what the powers that be around Putin actually believe and thus is worthy of attention as an indication of what they may

Staunton, October 5 – For most of the last 20 years, soldiers have been a reliable source of votes for the ruling party, but that has now changed, according to a study conducted by Kremlin officials whose results have been leaked to the URA news agency ( Using data from the Central Election Commission, the study concluded that in some regions where soldiers dominate the voting rolls, more than two-thirds of them voted for parties other than United Russia during the September 13 regional votes, a reversal of the earlier pattern and one that is worrisome to the regime. The Kremlin official who leaked the study told URA thazt “soldiers and officers will be asked not to participate in the 2021 Duma elections in order

Staunton, October 10 – In Soviet times, Moscow allowed a non-Russian to occupy the top job in the republics but inserted a Russian as number two who had real power. But under Vladimir Putin, the center increasingly has been inserting Russians or completely Russified non-Russians in the top jobs all at once, Vadim Sidorov says. The result of this policy, the Russian commentator says on the Region.Expert portal, has been disastrous: The debts of the republics have risen, unemployment there is the highest in the country, healthcare has been destroyed, and the population is fleeing to Russian cities in desperation ( But so far at least, the Kremlin has not learned anything and continues to displace

Достигнутое в конце минувшей недели при посредничестве России перемирие в самопровозглашённом Нагорном Карабахе, судя по заявлениям обеих сторон конфликта, не привело к прекращению боевых действий. Армения и Азербайджан обвиняют друг друга в нанесении артиллерийских и ракетных ударов, в том числе по гражданским объектам, и в убийстве мирных жителей. Лидеры обеих стран обращаются к мировому сообществу с призывами о поддержке, при этом главным союзником Азербайджана стала Турция. Целями перемирия назван обмен пленными и телами убитых, однако его сроки не установлены. Стороны конфликта согласились возобновить "предметные" переговоры об урегулировании конфликта под эгидой Минской группы ОБСЕ, однако когда такие переговоры могут состояться – неясно. Армения традиционно ищет

Publicistul Ion Cristoiu afirmă că Dosarul Revoluţiei a murit în tăcere, fără ca nimeni să reacţioneze, după ce instanţa supremă a cerut vineri procurorilor Parchetului militar să scoată în termen de cinci zile, cele mai importante probe din dosar, considerate ca nelegale. Redăm integral editorialul publicat pe Vineri, 9 octombrie 2020, întreaga presă a reprodus Comunicatul primit de la Înalta Curte de Casaţie şi Justiţie care anunţa decizia luată de judecătoarea Florentina Dragomir în legătură cu Dosarul Revoluţiei, cum a fost denumit de jurnalişti dosarul prin care Secţia Parchetelor Militare de pe lângă ICCJ i-a trimis în judecată pe Ion Iliescu, Gelu Voican Voiculescu şi Ioan Rus sub acuzaţia de crimă împotriva umanităţii prin

Staunton, October 10 – Two-thirds of the soldiers who died from chemical weapons during World War I were Russian, and consequently, the Bolshevik regime, which arose in the wake of that conflict, believed that maintaining and developing stockpiles as well as providing training to defend against their use by others were key tasks, Pavel Luzin says. “The Bolsheviks believed,” the Russian analyst says, “that previous problems were due to the shortage of chemical weapons and insufficient training of the relevant military units. The manufacturing infrastructure that was created also played an important role in the accumulation of the world’s largest stockpile of these weapons” ( He continues: “World War II

Так, друзья — сегодня будет большой пост про настольную книгу советской нищеты. Однажды в одном из своих постов о советской нищете я выложил фотоснимок книжки "Сделай сам", в которой советским гражданам предлагалось "самостоятельно, в домашних условиях" изготовить дефицитные продукты, вроде шпрот и шампанского. В комментариях сразу же отметились любители СССР, которые заявили, что книга фейк — мол годами по интернету кочует одна и та же фотожаба, а саму книгу никто и в глаза не видел. Другие любители СССР заявили, что книга может и была, но вот была она издана уже в "проклятые девяностые", когда Ельцин, подстрекаемый заокеанскими кураторами,

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